Friday, February 27, 2015

Easter Illustrations for Slunicko Magazine

From time to time, I just really love it when a short-term job comes in. I can fully focus on just the illustration part for a day or two and enjoy working, because there is usually less administration and emailing involved :-) Such case is always a very lovely cooperation with the Czech magazine Slunicko. This time they asked for a cover with Easter theme (already!). Loved it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Book of Jobs at the Printers

Happy! The big book of jobs is at the printers already! Great cooperation with the Axioma publishing from Prague, many thanks to the wonderful Ivana Kocmanova, who wrote and designed the book! It will soon be available in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Click here to see more from the book:
Or here:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Space Illustration

For the past couple of days I have been working on a space illustration for Focus Pico magazine, in cooperation with my wonderful agent Ines from Illustopia agency. I just loved the theme! Tried to pick colors that would support the whole colorfulnes (is that even a word? haha) of the galaxies and planets and spaceships. Here is a little sneak peek - made a few shots of the whole illustration. Moving on to the next project!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Had a few minutes today to make a little personal piece! It's snowing outside! Hope all you guys in the US are safe!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bugs and Bees

In December, I thought I will have another slow winter this time. How wrong was I! I have been working since right after the New Years and it seems I have not stopped since. But hey, it's been fun! Here is a sneak peek of a board book I am currently working on with the wonderful folks from B4U Publishing - lots of bees, bugs and flowers. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Years Illustration

One of the last jobs I was able to complete this year (I hope to start getting into the holiday mood after the 23rd). A children's magazine Focus Pico based in Italy asked my wonderful Portugese agent Ines from Illustopia to comission another look and find illustration with me. It is always such a wonderful cooperation and I hope I'll be able to create more work for them in the future.
Hope you enjoy your New Year's party, too! hehe

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Montreuil Book Fair 2014

I know, I know! It's starting to feel like I am doing a Tour de European book fairs this year (I actually might be doing it as I think about it, haha!). Anyways, I've been really busy last few weeks and then right after I met all the deadlines I had to, I jumped on the plane and together with my wonderful illustrator friend Daniela Olejnikova (check out her work at we took on to Paris (ah oui...). Daniela was actually invited by the Literary Centre to take part in some workshops with children and to present her work in front of quite a few publishers who seemed interested in what she does. I decided to go ahead and join her, because I always feel I learn a lot when I travel, meet new people and try to do the illustration business outside my own country.

As for the Montreuil book fair (, I have to say I really liked it and enjoyed it. For an illustrator, it just feels more welcoming than Frankfurt Buchmesse, although I still think Bologna Book Fair offers the most opportunities of all the European fairs I've been to. Montreuil is aiming purely on the children's and young adult market. And it does so with the help of illustration, so it seems like the right place to be for an illustrator. However, the approach is a bit different from the others. You register on the website to get a professional admit and then somehow, you're supposed to sign up for the meetings with the publishers (note: there are only French publisher available for appointments, but they do speak English, so don't be shy, heh), which are scheduled really tight. Now, I might sound a bit dumb, but I really was not able to figure this out. I could not even find an English version of the site, aaaaaah. Well, I do realize that sometimes it is not that easy to get around France (and French) without any knowledge of their language. I do have some knowledge, but it seems like it still wasn't enough. Anyways, now I know what Mice is, be sure you look for that when you enter the website and don't speak French. Watch out for the registration date for the publisher appointments (I've spoke to some illustrators while waiting in line and was told the site fell down immediately after the reg started) and hope for the best. Have some knowledge on what you're aiming for. Know the publishers. Don't be depressed if you did not get a spot with Thierry Magnier, when your place might rather be with Milan. Montreuil book fair will still be a great experience, even though you might feel that the market competition is just overwhelming (the place for publisher appointments really looked like a speed-dating spot). Just have the courage, grab your books and portfolio and go. It's fun! And it's in Paris! Ha!

Before I finish this little blog, I would really like to thank the wonderful people at the Ecoles de Conde in Paris. I was able to be a part of the conference they held for Daniela and another great young illustrator from Lithuania, Karolis Strautniekas ( and it just felt so welcoming. I would like to thank especially to the professors, Francois and Isabelle (sorry if I misspelled the names, aaah) who invited us for dinner in their own home. Thank you!


Here is a blog they keep at the school:

Oh and one more thing - or rather a tip - if you ever find yourself going to Paris and are on a budget - be sure to check out a charming little hotel called Hotel Stella -, it is in the heart of Paris with lots of restaurants and cafes around and you won't spend a fortune staying here. It really is a great little place!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ilustrovaný kalendár na rok 2015

Ilustrovaný kalendár 2015 / Illustrated calendar 2015
V tomto roku sa mi konečne znova podarilo vyskladať ilustrovaný kalendár. 

Tu je viac info:

Ilustrácie Mária Nerádová, grafický design Martina Rozinajová.

- česko-slovensko-anglický kalendár formát 380 × 300mm
- kvalitná plnofarebná digitálna tlač
- väzba bielou kovovou špirálou s háčikom na zavesenie
- na konci mesiaca je možné ilustráciu vytrhnúť a použiť ako plagát na stenu

Čo všetko kalendár obsahuje?
- kalendár – hra – ilustrácie na stenu
- 12 strán s farebnými ilustráciami
- na každej strane hra „look and find” – hľadanie obrázkov v ilustrácii
- názvy mesiacov v Češtine, Slovenčine a Angličtine
- 12 malých omaľovávaniek

Za akú cenu si môžem kalendár objednať?
Cena kalendára je 12,90 EUR.
Odber je možný osobne v BA a PN (prípadne St. Turá), alebo poštou kamkoľvek :-)
Kalendár sa bude čoskoro dať kúpiť aj v kníhkupectve Ex Libris v SNG.

Objednávky na,
alebo na 0907 078 701

PS: V prípade, že by ste kalendár chceli predávať vo svojom kníhkupectve, obchodíku, pop-up shope, na trhu alebo kdekoľvek inde, ozvite sa na vyššie uvedené kontakty a pošlem vám ponukový list.

PS2: V spolupráci s Lenka Křikavová chystáme ešte pohľadnice a tagy na vianočné darčeky! Ostaňte naladení!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zona Bez Penazi Promo Banner

A friend of mine asked me to do a promotional banner for a nice event they do every year here in Slovakia - they call it "Zona bez penazi". People can just come and exchange things they don't need anymore, that someone else might find use for. There is more info on their website in case you'd like to check that out:

The assignment said it needs to show things people usually bring - like books, clothes, toys etc. And I was allowed to make it look childish :-) So here I come! I thought you might like to see some sketches as well, so I am showing those this time, too. Let me know what you think! Speak soon!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Just a little Halloween personal piece! Hope I get to take a break a little tonight and have some Halloween fun as well! Trick or treat!